We carry the bundles of joy you celebrate,
We carry your burdens,
We raise the children you are proud of,
We raise the daughters you marry off as child brides,
We give up who we are for you,
We give, and give and you simply take.

We grope in the dark just so the spotlight can shine on you,
We give up our dreams to make yours a reality,
We are the broken shoulders you cry on,
We are the tortured rivers of strength from which you drink,
We possess the shoulders you stand on so you can conquer the world,
We give up so much, so all around us can build a future.

We smile even when all we want to do is cry,
We carry on when everyone else gives up,
We are the strength you take for granted,
We are the salve that heals your bruised ego,
We step aside so you can stand in the sun,
We give up our space so you can have the world.

We feed everyone else while we go hungry and tell you we are fasting,
We are the ones who know there is no medicine in the hospitals,
We are the ones who know that the education system is broken,
We are the ones who carry the worries of dead hope,
We keep the faith even when there is none to keep,
We carry you across the raging river even as our limbs fail us.

We are everything to everyone and nothing to ourselves,
We curb our desires and let yours reign supreme,
We honour your needs and ignore ours,
We give you our all and ask nothing of you,
We walk in the dark and hold the candle for you,
We give up the queen in us so you can be king.

We give your children love and structure,
We give you support but you crush our will,
We encourage you to be the best but you trample on our dreams,
We praise your strength of character,
But you call us aggressive when we go after our dreams,
We give up the world for you and we ask nothing of you,
When you wake up today look at us and know that,
We give up a lot for you because we are strong, sweet and kind,
Look at us and know that we are the mortar that holds your house,
We are the love and strength that surrounds you.


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