Even Misogynists Have Mothers


When my children were growing up I blamed myself for every small thing they did wrong. It was my job to teach them good manners, teach them right from wrong, respect and how to be useful members of society.


As a young mother I used to believe that everything they did, did not do or how they behaved was all on me. It is tough raising children and it is tougher when you do it all alone. If you are a single parent, there is no spouse to blame. How your children behave is always under the unforgiving gaze of the couple next door, the extended family and anyone who thinks their two cents worth of advice counts.


Recently I met a misogynist and thought; “Did that man fall from a tree? Was he raised by a pack of wolves?”


The tragic thing is that a son raised carefully and well can turn out to be a misogynist. No matter how hard you try sometimes your son or sons can turn out to be complete jerks. Your best intentions will not always bear healthy fruit. That is life.


The world is full of men who have no respect for women but it also has that rare breed that trust, believe in and revere women. When you have worked hard to raise sons with beautiful hearts you are forever grateful but if your sons turn out to be jerks when you have bled to turn them into gentlemen but they choose Misogyny Street then know that it is all on them. You did your best and you are not responsible for what your adult children decide to become.

I have been a mother long enough to realise and accept that I only have control over my own decisions. But, I will not entertain a misogynist under my roof. If you are my child, you can practice that madness on your own time in a space I do not occupy but I hope someone smacks it out of you.


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