Every child is born with a sense of entitlement. Babies demand it from their mothers. Toddlers, adolescents and teenagers expect their sense of entitlement to be honoured without question. Hell I was a child once and demanded bucketsful of entitlement. It was all targeted at my darling father. He even encouraged it but you know what he had the presence of mind to warn me not to expect the world to put up with my sense of entitlement.

My children grew up with a deep sense of entitlement too but most of it ended when they stopped breast feeding. Yes they are grown up but still try to sneak in a dose of self-entitlement nonsense every now and the but the milk is dried up. They can create and feed their own entitlement behind the garden compost because I have no time for that.

Children will learn if you instil the values you want and believe in. But they also grow up and choose what to keep or discard from their childhood.

And this is how we end up with some self-entitled politicians. Some were encouraged throughout their childhood to believe that the world owed them. Others just grew up and realised they could get away with stepping on other people. 

All the self entitled nonsense happens on our watch. Racists, misogynists and dictators are nurtured and encouraged by our silence. Entitlement happens mostly on our watch and we are to blame for that. My home and country, Zimbabwe has a ruling elite pumped up to the hilt with the sorry milk of entitlement. We saw it take off. Our silence encouraged its endemic growth. Others cheered it and still cheer it on. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to kick political and other forms of entitlement into the deep darkest forest. 

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